A Mission to Bridge the Empathy Gap in America and Why It Matters


An Election Sparks a Search for Untold Stories on the Other Side

In countless conversations, political arguments have come to a dead-end when facts no longer have power and truths become hazy. The emotions and stories that power every argument, however, reveal powerful depth and meaning behind every strongly held belief.

When President Donald Trump was elected into office, we thought to ourselves...who are the so-called "Silent Majority of America and why do they believe what they believe?

What made them to vote the way they did?

What is it like to be them?

Is it  media do justice to middle America, or is there a deeper truth beyond what we hear in the news?


Every person's identity comprises of so much more than just a political stance.

From happy celebrations of long-awaited reunions, college acceptances, successful romantic proposals, to stressful adversities of miscarriage, poverty, domestic violence and more...

...each one of us has a plethora of life experiences that has been shaping our identity every single day.

Who we vote for in presidential elections tell but only a grain of information on a bright, sandy beach of identities. 

So...is it possible that they might be more like us than we care to admit?


Our Purpose

The purpose of Project Humanize US is to share the untold stories of the Silent Majority.

We aim to start with compassionate dialogue, not dead end political arguments where facts no longer hold sway on an ever hazier reality. 

The Journey Begins...

The deepest secrets and values lie within stories elicited through empathy and compassion.

This inspired us to embark on a cross-country journey to start conversations, ask questions, and listen with an open mind, with the hope that stories from the soul with bridge gap of understanding across political parties. 

Since early 2017, we have been sharing the stories of middle America without a political agenda, a media angle, nor, we hope, personal bias.